About US


The Lune agency was born of a dream of surreal interactions

We always wanted for more than reality can provide us. Radoslaw (Luminator) and Clément (Pikilipita) decided to join their talents to make it possible, To create a perfect experience, you need passion, awareness, great communication and most of all: confidence. Every project we make is tailored to match you exact needs of promotion. We know that an effective campaign isn’t easy to achieve, but requires close interactions between your brand and your customers. We are not just fanboys of the latest tech devices, but also careful developers and experts motion designers, everyone in our team love their job! Feel free to ask us for more information, we’ll be happy to help.

Radoslaw Janicki (Luminator)

Motion design expert, picture wizard, graphic and interior designer. Radoslaw in an award-winning VJ, art director, founder of Luminator.pl.

Clément Cordier (Pikilipita)

Clément is a creative developer who worked on multiple platforms such as the Game Boy Advance and the Playstation 2, now playing with the Paspberry Pi. He gained precious experience while working in London for Nokia. Doesn’t talk yet Polish, but for sure he’s fluent in C++.