How to create interactive applications? Part 1

jak stworzyć aplikację interaktywną

Czesc, as we say in Poland 😉 Welcome to my second blog post. I Hope that post will help you understand how to create interactive applications and how we do it here.

The process of creating interactive applications is not easy. Before you start the actual creation and get to know how to create interactive applications, you have to gather all details about the project. You need to know what kind of application you are going to produce, learn about the users profiles, and so on…

We can distinguish a few types of applications we do: for businesses, promotional and educative ones.
Business applications – they are promotional tools for b2b events.
Educative applications – used by schools, museums, cultural centers, passing on knowledge in an affordable and cool way.
Promotional applications – used to promote companies, products, services to their customers. Used during festivals, fairs, shopping malls, events and more.

So you have to know what kind of application the client is looking for. To get more details, we give the client a brief which should be carefully filled. Those details are your base to build the perfect project.
We need to know the purpose of the message, target audience, location, time and length of use, the keywords and elements, and above all (most importantly for us) the audience needs.

We need to choose the best platform to carry our client message. It can be a mobile app, a website, a interactive stand, a virtual reality experience…

After reading the brief we do a brainstorm with the whole team, writing down ideas. It’s now time to send a proposala and agree on a deadline…
Before we start, we visualize the whole process, starting from our idea of the final product. We imagine ourselves in the situation of the end user. Weather, customers emotions while using the app. Will our application entertain them? Intrigue them? We imagine our client satisfaction
We are also planning logistics if required for the project.

So, step by step, we imagine every pieces of the puzzle. When everything is clear in our mind, we can start the actual technical part of the process.
Because of all that preparation, which is very important for us (and we really want to mention it) my post is longer that I expected.

Learn more about the technical production process in my other post, How to make a virtual reality game?