How to make a Kinect Avatar?

How to make a Kinect Avatar?

We wanted to do something fresh and innovative. The idea of creating a kinect avatar character made from mirror shards was growing up in our head for a long time.

So we got asked to produce video entertainment for the Pralnia club (Wrocław, Poland ) we decided to make our mirror guy a reality and our dream to come true.


First of all we had to figure it out how to make a Kinect avatar. After a brainstorm session and from our experience, we decided to start by creating a humanoid character that we animated and rigged. (the same way we made VJ samples to LuMirror project).

We imported the rigged model to Unity using the ‘Motion Tracking’ plugin: a software to track a person gestures when facing Kinect and translating those into a virtual avatar movements.

When we got the Unity setup working, we exported the video feed from the Unity app to the Resolume software by using the syphon tool.

We got an image of the character on a transparent background on one of the Resolume canals.

Now we could start adding some real time effects to the Resolume video feed. The Kinect depth sensor can catch a person from top to bottom, that way we were able to track moves from a performer dancing in front of Kinect.

Map the Avatar

Our screen Kinect avatar was reproducing the choreography of our performer. The next step was to map the Kinect Avatar projection to a custom shape. We installed two huge screens made of flex material. We could then project our Avatar and mix it real time to music. We are proud of that project, especially because of its extensibility possibilities. We can use it with samples to make a impressive projections during events.  I Hope that I helped discorvering how to make a Kinect avatar.

Wish you success with yours:)

Final product

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