AR Augmented Reality

AR Augmented Reality

Two worlds at your fingertips!

LuReality, a interactive 3D application using augmented reality technology that connects virtual world with reality

By adding a layer of 3D assets to the camera view, step into the virtual space! This procedure of mixing environments adds a touch of sci-fi to everyday life. Using augmented reality as a promotion tool is an effective form of advertising: it entertains, teaches, surprises, finally building a bond with your brand.




It’s a kind of magic

The power of markers

Move a specific printed sign (marker) in front of the camera to reveal a whole worlds of interactive wonders visible from any angle. The application can bring fun and cognitive experience. It can show anything you wished for!



Where to use it?

A setup you can use in public spaces

Either to guide a visitor in a city, or to highlight a museum atraction, that’s a new cool way to make business presentations: no more boring powerpoint slideshows.

It makes you shine

LuReality makes you stand out in conferences, congresses, events, trade fairs, or lectures. Mobile applications using augmented reality are very popular: thanks to it your promotion entertains and surprises, reaching an even larger audience. Use our 3D interactive applications to beat the competition! Each of our projects is tailored to specific customer needs, we never make twice the same. Each app is different, fitted to the message you want to deliver.



LuReality AR demo

Download the application

1. Install the application

On your device – smartphone/tablet

2. Place the marker in front of the camera

You don’t have a marker? Print this pdf file.

3. Success! LuMan appears!

Touch the ‘MODEL’ icon in the top right corner to discover another object.

4. Select one of the functions: MODEL, FX or INFO

Tool icons will appear in the bottom of the screen. Play with them

5. Do you like it? Take a picture!

Touch the camera button to take a screenshot.

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