Control in virtual space

Control in virtual space

Control 3D objects with gestures

LuTouch engages the user into direct action, inviting him to interact

This interactive application let you take control of 3d objects by tracking your hands and fingers moves. Watch a virutal hand evolving on the screen, reproducing an exact copy of your gestures. Close your fist to grab an object from the screen, swipe your hand to browse a brochure, do a ‘ pinch to zoom’ to take a closer look at map, all without touching anything. Forget about the mouse, your fingers become the cursor.



The Leap Motion

LuTouch uses the Leap Motion sensor

This device tracks every moves from your hand using infrared sensors. Do it in the space facing you, the Leap Motion will do it in the app. Place a hand about 20 cm above the device and start showing up some moves!


Grab an invisible touch

An exclusive new way to feel interactions, no controler required

Playing with LuTouch makes the consumer curious, closer to your brand. He will share his experience around him, helping your products to gain awareness. Lutouch in an intuitive application you can plug to any screen. The ease of use of the system means a confortable experience for the user. Combine it with LuGame for an extra ‘wow!’ effect.

Best solution for

Events, fair trades, conferences, museums, schools or any public space. This innovative presentation helps you grab attention on your products!


CocaCola game – the winner of Unity 9 VR Challenge 2016

Interactive mapping


Interactive pyramid

Libet inspirations


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