XR.plus: Augmented and Virtual Reality on the web


Fast loading
Ready in less than 10s
Instant preview


For Android and iOS web browsers
Accessible to milions of users
Works on all smartphones


Easy to use
Works like a charm

Revolution in AR

What about XR.+ is the most exciting? Unlike usual AR & VR solutions, to use our platform don’t need any application! To view a scene, all you need is your phone web browser. It is massive leap towards popularization augmented and virtual reality. We also make sure that XR.+ works well at older devices, so it stays open for wide variety of devices.

Try our mobile web demo

Take your phone.

With Chrome or Safari, go to xr.plus/123.

When asked about the camera, answer yes, and then direct your phone to this image you see on the left.


What’s so special about XR.+?

You’re still unsure if it is worth to join XR.+? If you want just quick summary why is it so innovative- here it is:

  • • Easy to use
  • • Works on 99% of phones on the market since 2016
  • • Supports both virtual and augmented reality
  • • Quick at adding and editing scene, fast preview
  • • Supports animations
  • • Supports PBR shaders

Upload your model, print a marker and surprise friends & clients!

Working with XR.+ is intuitive, so you will place there you first model with ease.
The whole process is described in our short tutorial.


Discover XR.+