Research & Development

Experiments from our digital lab

We never stop trying new things to keep being inspired, here's a selection of experiments we've made.

Those are internal projects, tech demos, fun experiments with new tools, playing with new sensors.


Do you like to solve puzzles and uncover secrets? Move in time to the crazy alchemist lost laboratory. Learn the mysteries of his research on time crystals and get out of the traps he prepared for such thieves like you. Explore the alchemist's workshop, whose secrets are protected with magic spells. His work cannot fall into the wrong hands. Only the one who can discover a way to get out of the laboratory can possess such valuable knowledge and treasures. Many thieves and adventurers took that journey before you, no one’s ever seen them again. Time will tell if you will meet the same fate…

Trex 3d web game

Trex 3D is a web game made with Three.js library. It is a 3D version of the popular Google Chrome browser game.

Products in augmented reality

Present your products in an interactive way. Use 3D models of your product and Augmented Reality to surprise your clients.

Christmas Tree

Decorate your own Christmas tree and share them with friends.

AR real estate virtual visit

Preview real estate projects in realistic 3D models with a free point of view

Facebook Spark AR

We've been having fun doing augmented selfie filters using the Facebook AR studio 'Spark AR'

Lune AR drop

A simple demo of the possibilities of 'slam' AR: augmented reality tracking without markers. Just look around you through your phone camera and drop virtual objects in your environment. This demo uses ARKit and ARCore

16 VR games

We've created a collection of 16 VR games. They are really simple to use, perfect for VR first time users. The games offers a wide range of activities: fly in a hot air ballon, ride a roller coaster, face your fears, drive a futurist car, explore deep waters...

Kinect avatar

Become an astronaut or a pirate with our Kinect based game, fun garanteed!


Share magic Christmas card with family and friends


A demo showing the possibilities of controlling elements via hand gestures using the Leap Motion sensor.

XR.+ / geo

Odkryj sceny AR w swojej okolicy! Wyjdź na spacer, weź swój smartfon i wpisz w przeglądarkę adres: Zobaczysz wtedy, które sceny dostępne są w pobliżu. Jeśli podejdziesz wystarczająco blisko do miejsc zaznaczonych na mapie, na pewno znajdziesz coś ciekawego.