Augmented reality on the web

XR.+ is a web platform to publish augmented reality content directly on the web with image tracking. No app installation is needed to open the AR experiences: simply open a webpage on your web browser. XR.+ removes the burden to visit an app store and install an app.

Upload 3D models, images and videos on the online editor and publish their content in a few clicks! Publish AR content the same way you publish videos on Youtube.


Open and load AR experiences in just a few seconds from Chrome, Safari or Firefox


For Android and iOS phones & tablets


Easy to use online AR editor

AR made more accessible

To open an XR.+ experiences, all you need to do is to visit a webpage on your mobile

3D model

Export models from your usual 3D modeling software and upload them in the XR.+ editor

Animated 3D model

If your models are rigged and animated, you can playback the animations

Interactive 3D model

Add buttons to trigger animations, sounds, change materials to make your AR content interactive


Play videos within the AR camera view

Transparent video

Apply a 'green screen' filter on video to remove background behind actors

Multiple videos

Create video playlists


As an alternative to 3D content, it's possible to display image in the AR view

Transparent image

Images can have transparency

Image slideshow

Create images slideshows

Without image marker

Unstead of tracking an image maker, you can display the AR content in the center of the camera view

Custom image marker

Create your own image markers from a logo, photo or any square image


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