Augmented Reality

We had lots of activities lately. We participated to the trade show ‘Reklama 360‘ in Poznan, we created two demos of virtual reality for Oculus Rift, and we finished our augmented reality app – ‘LuReality AR‘. Meantime we are busy producing smaller and bigger projects;)

Today’s post is dedicated to augmented reality. Although the technology is not so new, our customers don’t fully understand it. Mostly when we’re talking with clients over the phone and you have to explain what it is and what are the possibilities. They don’t get it. So… one more time 😉

Augmented reality allows you to compare two words: digital and real one. Elements of both worlds overlap so it’s possible to get the sci-fi effects straight. To use the application all you need is to download an AR app on a mobile device, and have a marker. When you point your device’s camera to the marker, the virtual object appears.

Hmmm lot of theory right? I know it sounds pretty abstract, so I’ll try be more precise 😉 Sit down, take a newspaper and imagine… that on the cover page of your newspaper is a car picture. Grab your phone and point its camera to the car picture as if you wanted to take a photo of it. Now appears in front of your eyes a 3d car, a small one, but looking like real.
When you touch the screen you can make it move. You can rotate it, open the doors, take a look with from all sides. Change color, zoom and even hear the engine noise! In conclusion, you can see a real car but you can’t take a ride.

One of the big players using the potential of such technology, among others, is Ikea. The Swedish company built an augmented furniture catalogue. With this application, customers can easily choose furniture – trying them on the walls of their living room, without leaving home 😉
Augmented Reality is also successfully used in tourist guides, educational, medical, cultural institutions, etc. It is also a surprising marketing tool. Allowing customers to explore deeper layers of communication (hidden content).

At Lune we use the Augmented reality, especially when creating software for conferences, events and other promotions. We create applications from scratch (programming code, 3D models, markers designs, publication in Google Play and App Store).
Our customers especially appreciate applications which can redirect users to a website and offer them fun&competitive games.

I know that if you have not had previous contact with virtual reality, even this brief description does not explain what augmented reality clearly is. For people like you, we’ve created ‘LuReality AR’ (download it from Google Play or App Store).
Try it on your mobile device and let us know what you think. Don’t worry if you don’t have our printed marker, our website homepage can act as one!

The augmented reality tech keeps evolving to achieve more complex results. Microsoft is currently working on advanced goggles that combine augmented reality and holograms: Microsoft HoloLens. It will take some time until Microsoft releases the finished product, but when it happens, it might have an huge impact on the business and education sectors. We are really excited about the possibilities it brings 😉 If you want to know more about augmented reality – watch our latest videos, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Stay tuned!