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If you're looking to elevate your business to the next level, we would be delighted to assist you in achieving this goal by developing a customized augmented reality application. Our process begins with a comprehensive consultation where we evaluate the project's requirements, potential, risks, and opportunities. We establish the production scope, feasible solutions, and the optimal technology to bring your AR product to life. If you're seeking a team that can design and implement both theoretical and practical solutions for augmented reality, we warmly invite you to collaborate with us.

AR applications often use markers to anchor augmented content to real-world objects. By scanning a specific graphic or photo with a device's camera, we can seamlessly integrate our content into real space. This ensures that users can easily access the AR experience and interact with the printed material. Let us help you create custom markers that bring your print materials to life with augmented reality.

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We can also integrate our augmented content directly onto real-world surfaces, such as floors, tabletops, walls, or ceilings, without the need for a marker. This allows for a seamless AR experience in any environment, making it easy to interact with digital content in the real world. Our technology is available on both web and desktop versions. Let us show you how we can transform your space with cutting-edge augmented reality. Augmented Reality Face tracking

An engaging application of augmented reality is face tracking, which has gained significant traction through the immensely popular FB smiley faces. These digital masks have become a ubiquitous feature of mobile instant messaging, enabling us to morph into playful characters like a seductive rabbit or a fearsome knight in real-time. Given the vast user base of instant messaging platforms, the proliferation of augmented content has reached millions of individuals Augmented Reality Body Tracking

Scanning the entire character for the moment requires additional sensors such as Kinect 2, Rokoko, Perception neuron or others for Motion Tracking. This solution is only available for PC and desktop platforms - yet it offers powerful capabilities!

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We create for any AR medium

Phone applications - we create applications for ios and android platforms as well as web applications. We select technologies according to the needs and capabilities of the client in order to offer the most advantageous solution.

Applications for AR Goggles - Dedicated solutions for devices that allow viewing augmented reality directly on the goggles. A very convenient and fully immersive solution.

Dedicated installations - We create a dedicated installation solution using augmented reality. A moving or fixed camera that shows the space is enhanced with 3D models.

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Choosing the right AR device is very important

We thoroughly examine all AR devices to provide a tool that fulfills all customer needs.

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