Augmented Reality

A new way to see the world around you

Augmented reality (also known as AR), adds to the reality you would ordinarily see rather than replacing it. Display a layer of virtual elements on the world you see and add a touch of sci-fi to your everyday life.
Using augmented reality for promotion, education, cultural guides, is an effective way to interact with your audience.

There are 4 ways to trigger AR content

Each for different use cases

With a printed image marker

The AR elements appear when a specific image pattern is visible on the camera view. The pattern can be a photo, a logo, a drawing... Using markers ensure the content is contextual to a specific printed content.

Directly in your environment

Phones and AR headsets are able to understand – scan – their environment. They can detect floors and walls and attach content to it, no need for a specific image marker.

With face tracking

Wear bunny ears or a cowboy hat, tryout new make up or a spacesuit. Face tracking is the way to make fantasy selfies.

With body tracking

Interact with your whole body

Augmented reality as a marketing tool


Mobile apps are the most common way to publish AR experiences. All you need is to install an app on your smartphone, that’s it.


Even simpler than downloading and installing an app: just visit a webpage with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or any other web browser


AR experiences can also be published in popular Social networks like Facebook and Instagram, no extra app to install.


Sometimes, you need a big guy...
This is the case for complex and static AR setups that requires a lot of computing power. On desktop computers, it’s possible to plug various inputs and sensors to track motions, lights, temperature...

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