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In today's world, every company must adapt and change with the market. It's important to keep up with trends and take advantage of the opportunities that arise. Modern virtual reality (VR) solutions are a wonderful way to showcase products or services in a new and original way. Virtual showrooms can be accessible 24/7, 7 days a week. Large items can also be presented, and exhibitions can be organized simultaneously on multiple continents without the need for expensive logistics. These are just some examples of how multimedia solutions can be well utilized, while also improving the image of your company.

Why use new technologies to present content?

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Would you like to present your product in a memorable way so that your audience remembers it for a long time? If your product is large or you want to show it in a natural environment such as a forest, space or racetrack, VR technology is the perfect tool for this purpose. With VR, your audience can immerse themselves in a virtual world and see your product from a completely new perspective, which will allow for a more effective presentation and encourage them to make a purchase.

Lune business client VR virtual showroom

Would you like to showcase a larger number of products in a virtual space? Or maybe you need to show different variations of one application so that the recipient can participate in the creation process? With a virtual showroom, you will be able to demonstrate your offer much more easily.

Lune business client VR training employee

Employee training - Workplace safety is essential, and employees feel much more confident when they know the procedures and how to behave during rare incidents. VR is an ideal tool for replicating all situations, even the most dangerous ones, to experience them "safely" and draw conclusions.

Lune business client VR virtual tour

Do you need to show your company headquarters remotely? Would you like to demonstrate your production facilities, warehouses, and the latest machines that work 24/7 to new contractors? Thanks to a Matterport walkthrough, you will be able to demonstrate all of this on all media: on a computer, tablet, and VR.

Lune business client VR holograms

Holograms - Perhaps you need a small multimedia device that will make your product presentation stand out. A hologram, holographic rotor, or 3D screen is a great tool that will leave a lasting impression. Dedicated multimedia content will help better explain the content of your offer in a very modern way.

Lune business client VR dedicated applications

Do you need something unique? Would you like to create an application that is not yet available on the market? Are you wondering whether it should be in AR, VR, on touchscreens, or smartphones? We would be happy to help with designing, implementing, and implementing such a solution.

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We're helpful at every stage of production

Planning - We will advise on the best technology, check available materials, and together with the client, we will prepare an action plan for the new application.

Realization - We proceed to the next stages of production in accordance with the highest standards. We create 3D environments, write custom code, and provide sound effects.

Implementation - We assist with application installation on dedicated devices and conduct final testing with the end user, ensuring the client feels secure throughout the entire cooperation.

"According to Deloitte analysts, who present market development forecasts for the next few years every year, in their latest analysis,
they indicated that by 2026, around 25% of consumers will spend at least 1 hour per day in the metaverse.
Today, only 30% of companies see this trend and want to offer their services and products in the metaverse. "

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