Virtual Reality

Your virtual reality

The more interesting and innovative universe we create, the more emotions it generates.

When wearing a virtual reality headset, the user gets access to a whole virtual world. Everything about it is appealing and incredible. The user is literally inside the game. Ask us to create the world he will explore. The possibilities have no limits. Send people into the cosmos, a paradise island or a car race track. Users can walk underwater, flyover Manhattan or visit a virtual replica of your offices. VR not only brings an impressive promotion, but also cognitive values.

There are two kinds of VR headsets


Oculus Rift / HTC Vive Pro + Computer
Those VR headsets use the computing power of a desktop computer to immerse the user into highly detailed environments while keeping the experience fluid


Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, Gear VR, Google Cardboard
Althought they cannot displayed highly complex graphics, those mobile headsets offer a much easier access as they do not require any external hardware to rely on.

Main types of VR experiences


VR applications are best for virtual cultural attractions, training sessions, games, virtual visits. They offer a wide range of possible interaction in the virtual space.

360 movies

Watch movies recorded with a 360 camera, the point of view naturally matches the viewer's head direction. It feels like being there, but without leaving home.

360 animations

Dive into environments created in 3D. Visit places that don't exist anymore (ancient monuments), don't exist yet (architectural projects) or that will never be at all (alien planets with swimming cars and 5 legged cats).

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