Virtual Reality

Your virtual reality

The more interesting and innovative universe we create, the more emotions it generates.

When wearing a virtual reality headset, the user gets access to a whole virtual world. Everything about it is appealing and incredible. The user is literally inside the game. Ask us to create the world he will explore. The possibilities have no limits. Send people into the cosmos, a paradise island or a car race track. Users can walk underwater, flyover Manhattan or visit a virtual replica of your offices. VR not only brings an impressive promotion, but also cognitive values.

There are two kinds of VR headsets


Oculus Rift / HTC Vive Pro + Computer
Virtual reality app using Oculus HTC GearVR, Okulus Rift or goggles from other brands, as well as high computing power of a desktop computer allow you to achieve the best smoothness and image quality. This solution allows you to attach traffic controllers and additional navigation devices, sensors that allow you to move around the virtual space. This solution is intended for demanding customers who need the highest quality VR content - both high-resolution 360 ° movies and animations, as well as very complex interactive applications.


Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, Gear VR, Google Cardboard
Mobile VR kits significantly accelerate use. No additional computer hardware, no wiring. Simple to use and install. Ready to use anywhere. Perfect for viewing 360 movies and animations in 4K as well as very simple applications.

Main types of VR experiences


The interactive 3D world generated in real time allows us to interact with virtual reality. The best example are games, but there are more and more applications with the help of which we can watch product presentations, assembly instructions for complex devices or show worlds that no longer exist. By creating a virtual environment in which the recipient can fully interact, we can easily convey content or emotions unavailable to other media.

360 movies

The technique of recording the space with a special 360 camera. Then the material is edited and post-produced according to the script. 360 video is a reproduced film image which, thanks to the technique, allows the viewer to select the observed fragment of the scene through a natural reflex, i.e. turning the head.

360 animations

Creation of a unique 3D world that is rendered in a special spherical format for 360 animation and presented on VR devices as a non-interactive presentation. Thanks to this solution, we can create a virtual environment without the need of real set. This gives us a wide range of opportunities to draw the viewer's attention and at the same time control what content we want to convey to him.

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