to gain knowledge.

Get to know us, trust us,
let's do business together. Free consultation AR VR

Free CONSULTATION. Get to know us,
trust us, let's do business together.

Before starting cooperation, we offer a 1-hour free and no-obligation consultation with our specialists.

We will advise on most relevant technology and equipment for your project and propose workflow that will bring quality end results.

Depending on your preference we offer both online and in-person meeting options. Free consultation AR VR
Information that will help us start.

– Can you give us a project description in a few sentences?
– Do you have a script/brief for the application?
– In what areas do you need our support (planning, implementation, maintenance)?
– What materials do you have at disposal (3D models, scans, graphics, photos, videos)?
– How long is the application to be used ( day, week, month, year )?
– In what location and environment is the application to be used?
– Is the device of the application selected?
– What is deadline for the project?
– What is the estimated budget for the production of the application?

With who, will you carry out the consultation?

Consultations are carried out by two of our specialists. Radoslaw Janicki - CEO & Art Director

Since 2008, passionate about new technologies. A computer graphic and interior designer by education, with extensive experience as an Art Director and team manager. Constantly developing and have led dozens of valuable multimedia projects to perfect implementation. A person with extensive theoretical, practical and emotional knowledge, distinguished by great business intuition. Awarded many times in Poland and around the world as VJ Creative. Maciej Kalita PM

He is a specialist in time and resource management, with a very meticulous approach to leading and arranging implementation plans. A perfectionist at every step, he has great charisma and commitment and can solve even the most difficult logical problems. He specializes in creating dedicated IT systems and providing IT consulting, and has successfully implemented clients' challenges for over 6 years. In his free time, he is passionate about cycling in the mountains.

They trusted us :
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What channels do we use to communicate?

Video conference - We offer video conferencing for the convenience of our clients, allowing communication on any online platform such as Skype, Google Meet, Discord, Microsoft Teams, and more. We can connect safely and easily from anywhere in the world, without the need for unnecessary travel.

Meeting in the office - We also invite you to our office in Wroclaw for a face-to-face meeting. Enjoy aromatic coffee and the opportunity to test our applications, which provides an added benefit to visiting us in person.

At the free consultation we will discuss which stages of production are the subject of the order

and which are the responsibility of the client or other subcontractors.

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What you will get as a result of the discussion:

– A summary of the meeting in the form of notes outlining the ideas discussed.
– A proposal for technology to be used in the application’s implementation.
– A proposal for equipment needed for the order’s implementation.
– Suggestions for next steps on how to continue our cooperation.

Below you can find few examples of our projects: Free consultation AR VR
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