Gesture control

Gesture control

Drop your keyboard, type with your body

LuActive – get people to interact with your product

Kinect motion controller tracks your body moves to analyze them as inputs, that’s how you play with the screen. We develop apps to respond to precise body gestures, colors or shapes. Forget about mice and gamepads – now is your body time! Looking for an amazing  promo? Then bet on interactive body mappings!






Kinect for Windows

A high definition body scanner which reproduces your moves on screen

The Kinect for Windows has a sensor that reads color and depth in a large area facing it. Up to 20 joints, on up to 6 people can be tracked simultaneously. Kinect controller appears in the Guiness Book of Records as the fastest selling consumer electronics device. Don’t wait, use its potential today!


Move your hands up in the air

An application that attracts new customers with innovative solutions. A great way to get attention from an audience bored of traditional ad campains.

With LuActive, impress those demanding customers, offering them catchy entertainment to interact with. Thanks to Kinect for Windows, LuActive can bring positive emotions & connotations linked to your brand. Use our application to teach, entertain, or develop new skills by showing new possibilities.

Best ways to use it

You can use it as a promotion tool on showrooms, festivals, parties and as a medium for publich space advertising. Entertain your customers, make something different, people will love it.



Kinect avatar – event applications

Interactive mapping

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