Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Your virtual reality

New immersive sensations. The more interesting and innovative universe we create together, the more emotions it will generate.

When wearing the Oculus Rift headset, the user gets access to a whole virtual world. Everything about it is appealing and incredible. The user is literally inside the game. Ask us to create the world he will explore. The possibilities have no limits. Send people into the cosmos, a paradise island or a car race track. Users can walk underwater, flyover Manhattan or visit a virtual replica of your offices. The Oculus Rift brings not only an impressive promotion, but also cognitive values.

Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift

We use VR: virtual reality technology. The Oculus Rift is a headset that takes you to a virtual world.

Thanks to the technology used in this head mounted display, you can finally feel you are really in the middle of the action. Move our head in the real world, you’ll also move it in the virtual scene. The Oculus Rift offers new and previously unknown possibilities!





Gain loyal customers

Our applications familiarizes users with the latest techs, new experiences, and wake up their curiosity.

LuGame makes a huge impression on everyone. First time users will share they experience around them, excited about new feelings and emotions they have explored. They will talk about your brand (word of mouth), spread the world about it. Your brand will stay associated with positive memories, helping you building a consumer loyalty.

Best ways to use it

LuGame is an innovative promotion tool that enrich your events: conferences, fair trades, congresses. Arouse consumer interest and admiration from your business partners. Stand out from the competition. Promote your identity, promote your products, promote your services. Use VR!




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